About Alan Beardall, DC:

 Dr. Alan G Beardall, DC biography:

Dr. Alan Beardall, DC was born in Springville, Utah in 1938. He graduated from high school in 1957. While attending Santa Rosa Junior College, his athletic endeavors included nineteen college, cross country and A.A.U. records. He was married in 1964 and is the father of five sons. He graduated from Los Angeles Chiropractic College in 1968 and began practicing in Lake Oswego, Oregon shortly thereafter. He held many athletic records including:

      *1964: held nineteen Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) records in track, cross country and road racing

      *1974: at the age of 35, Dr. Beardall, DC broke the National Age Group record for the mile (4:21.6), two mile (9:25.2) and marathon (2:32:11).

      *1980: Oregon Mile Champion for age 40 and up (AAU)

Dr. Beardall, DC did extensive lecturing in the past on Athletic Injuries of the Lower Extremities. He taught Kinesiology at Western States Chiropractic College and spoke at several state conventions. Dr. Beardall, DC published numerous articles covering various original research topics. He belonged served with many chiropractic organizations:

      *International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK) : Founding member and diplomat

      *American Chiropractic Association (ACA)

      *ACA Council on Nutrition

      *ACA Chairman Research Division

      *International association of Preventative Medicine

      *Oregon Chiropractic Physicians Association

      *President Portland Chapter of National Health Federation

Dr. Alan Beardall, DC devoted 19 years to research within the Chiropractic field. Dr. Beardall, DC endeavored to unify Chiropractic by developing a diagnostic procedure that incorporated the use of all therapeutic techniques. Utilizing this procedure, the treatment for each patient is individualized and based on a specific diagnostic analysis. Dr. Beardall, DC established muscle tests for over 250 different muscles as well as assignments of computer numbers to all the muscles of the body. He published five muscle testing manuals which are the most copied muscle testing manuals in history. In the manuals, Dr. Beardall, DC presents each individual muscle tests along with the factors that need to be considered to restore proper muscle function: neurolymphatic reflexes, neurovascular reflexes, visceral organ reflexes, muscle acupuncture point, spinal vertebrae, spinal myomere level, Lovette Brother vertebrae, cranial bone, foot bone, nutrition, as well as a method to determine the emotional component preventing restoration. Each muscle is artistically presented in a unique manner so as to isolate its distinct characteristics.

Alan’s extensive muscle research led to his treatment of top level athletes from all over the world. He was the team doctor for the 1980 US Summer Olympic Team until the US cancelled its participation due to political interests. He also was the team doctor for the 1984 US Summer Olympic team in Los Angeles, California.

In addition, Dr. Beardall, DC had developed and refined a non-invasive diagnostic technique involving the biocomputer, clearing techniques and its computer characters (Hand Modes). He has devised over 200 original hand modes. The basis of Dr. Beardall's work is the biocomputer model which looks at the body as a living computer having many similarities but being far superior to the electronic computer. An Instruction Manual has been published that provides an insight into the philosophy of Dr. Beardall’s technique as well as a first sampling of the Hand Modes and associated material.

Dr. Beardall's seminar sequence presents the culmination of his research efforts in a chronological manner.