About Robert Shane:



Robert Shane is a physicist with specialties in Math, Physics and Space Physics. He has been working in the alternative health field since 1968 (metabolic nutrition) with emphasis on Clinical Kinesiology. He associated with Dr. Alan G. Beardall, DC helping research new material, prepare and edit workshop manuals, as well as assist at workshops. Since December 1987 he has contributed new Clinical Kinesiology research and has co-taught 7 Clinical Kinesiology updates with Dr. Gary Klepper, DC and/or Dr. Richard Holding, DO.

Robert has taught the Clinical Kinesiology workshop series across the United States and in England and Belgium. Robert is co-author of over 1200 pages of the 3 volume basic workshop series manuals for licensed medical professionals as well as co-researcher and co-author of 7 advanced research update workshop manuals. He authored the Clinical Kinesiology Travel Manual and the Bio-Linguistics manual (the therapist version of Clinical Kinesiology). In 1993, in collaboration with Louisa Williams DC, ND, Robert co-authored and published a book of original research defining Clinical Kinesiology procedures for dealing with the Dominant Focus problems identified in Europe by Voll and VEGA electroacupuncture practitioners.