The Evolution of Clinical Dr. Alan G. Beardall, DC

I first became interested in Applied Kinesiology while I was a student at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic. As I became more involved with the treatment of track and field injuries, I found that Dr. Goodheart’s contributions to the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries were truly valuable. This gave me the impetus to become more proficient in the basic Applied Kinesiology procedures. By the Summer of 1975 I was qualified for diplomate status. Treatment successes (and in some instances, failures) using Dr. Goodheart’s information on the original forty-five muscles placed an increasing demand on me for information on muscle groups beyond that already available. By 1975 it was apparent that Dr. Goodheart was involved in many other research projects, and if further information on muscle therapeutics was to be forthcoming, it would be through personal research efforts. With these considerations in mind I undertook the task of researching and presenting this information for the other members of the profession. The process was slow and difficult at first, but by following some of the concepts Dr. Goodheart originally presented and by constantly testing and monitoring results, a measure of understanding was achieved.

The information that follows represents four years of clinical research into muscle testing and treatment using Applied Kinesiology procedures. It is provided to supplement existing information regarding diagnosis and treatment of muscular hypokinesia using Applied Kinesiology.


Christopher Beardall
Christopher Beardall


“Chiropractic embraces the science of life, the knowledge of how organisms act in health and disease, and also the art of adjusting the neuroskeleton.” -Daniel David Palmer, founder of modern chiropractic I am a licensed chiropractor & acupuncturist along with a certified chiropractic sports physician and clinical kinesiologist that has made my passion healing my patients with holistic sensibilities the last 16 years. I have dedicated my life to restoring the body's self healing abilities.